Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) important in digital marketing? And if so, How can you incorporate SEO with digital marketing to yield results? SEO can no longer be ignored, there are so many tips and trick that you can use to rank well on search engines. However, some of these tactics may disappoint you really bad. Luckily for you, this article will shed light on why SEO wins all the time and why it is an integral part of digital marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO  is a collective term used to describe activities that make a website page easy to access, easy to navigate and categorise. It is basically making it possible for your customers to find your business among thousands in the search engines.

SEO works hand in hand with digital marketing to send prospects to your website through several internet platforms available. For that to happen, the website has to rank higher on the search engine result page.  Let me break it down further; SEO aims at bringing organic visitors to your website while digital marketing works towards maintaining your business online presence.

When executed strategically, SEO should land your website on page one of SERP. A crawler is a search engine tool that crawls the website pages in order to rank it. If your website blocks crawlers, chances are your content will not be indexed on any search engine.

Creating an SEO Plan

How do you create an SEO plan that won’t fail you? Here are some quick tactics:

1. Target Audience

A tool such as Google Analytics helps you know where most of your customers come from. Using this information will enable you to create a strategy on how to reach a larger audience with your services and products, in particular, those particular geographical areas.

2. Diversification

Aim at gaining authority on other search engines apart from Google. There are other several engines like yahoo and Bing that can equally send a good number of customers to your website.  All search engines have different terms and conditions. Use these algorithms to adjust your SEO game so that you reap from every search engine that there is.

3. Content

Quality content is easy to create. It should be relevant and useful to the reader. Each of your content pages should be built around specific related keywords.  Your keywords should appear naturally so avoid keyword stuffing as much as possible. Make sure that your content is original as search engines are not fans of copied content!

To be able to rank easily target keywords with high search volume and low competition. Use both short tail( hair) and long tail ( best hair products), you can also include a local keyword( best hair products in the United Kingdom).

  • You may optimize your URL and titles using your targeted keywords.

4. Off-Page SEO

This is a section of SEO that deals with external optimization practices that are not influenced by what happens on your site. The common off pages SEO technique is link building.  Backlinks are third party links that follow back to your website. Backlinks are essential if you want to build authority in your niche, they simply signal search engines that your website is credible and can be trusted to provide quality information.

Guest blogging is one way you can build backlinks to your website naturally. Other tactics include creating infographics and mentioning your niche influencers in your posts.

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is another way that you can enhance SEO.  The most common types of search engine marketing include ads, Google AdWords, social media ads and display ads. SEM  highly influences search engine results page(SERP) thus helping a business  reach its  audiences through high rankings

 6. Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing that there is. Building links on social media can send a good number of customers to your website.  Social media is wide, from Facebook to Instagram, you may not know where to start from.  You will need to set up accounts in two platforms where most of your visitors hang out.

Sharing valuable content and regularly engaging your prospect is a great way of building trust and a customer base. Social media is a powerful tool that can take your business off the ground fast.

Importance of SEO

SEO helps a business reach a larger audience with fewer efforts. In other words, SEO increases your visibility, meaning it is much easier for your customers to locate you when they are in need of product or services that you offer.

Your customers are able to check into your website fast especially when your rank higher on the result page. Remember that about 25% of users do not go beyond the first page of the search engine, thus the reason to why you need to strive to be on page one.

1. Increases Web Traffic

Web traffic is almost automatic with increased visibility. Research shows that the first page gets over 75% of total clicks. This means that to channel more customers to your website, you need to put more SEO efforts to be on the top 10 on SERP

2. Enhances Authority

Authority is simply measured by the level of trust you hold in the marketplace. In order to attain authority in your niche; Your website has to have relevant and high-quality content that is also consistent. You also need to keep engaging your users now and then.

Essentially, websites that rank high in SERP have more authority, this is because they have proven to be trustworthy and reliable in the business.

3. Enhances User Experience

You want your customer to have a good experience when browsing through your web pages. Seo optimizes all aspects of your page making it easy to navigate through. Enhancing users experience involves making your website mobile friendly and desktop friendly.

Your page loading speed is important, a slow loading page is not only annoying but also makes your customers log out. Am sure you won’t love the idea of your customer giving up on your website because of its slow speed.

Our Last Thoughts

SEO has played a big role in promoting businesses.  Comprehensive knowledge of SEO is crucial in increasing your conversions, traffic and enhancing customer overall experience. However, it is important to remember that SEO may take a new road anytime search engines change their algorithms. It is therefore essential that you keep yourself updated with such changes.

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