SEO and digital marketing complement each other big time.  Integrating SEO in digital marketing is a new trend that is here to stay. Read to understand the difference between the two and how they work together to boost website ranking and increase conversions.

What is the Difference Between SEO and Digital Media?

SEO and digital marketing are similar. SEO enhances the website with unique features in a bid to increase traffic and convert while digital marketing deals with advertising to enhance the business’s exposure by use of electronic media.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a term used to describe all advertising efforts by the use of the internet or electronic devices. Most businesses are making use of search engine, social media and other types of digital marketing to advertise their business to potential customers.

Digital marketing is a simple affordable way of interacting with your clients with the hope that you will sell your products or services to them. Some of the most common digital marketing channels include:

  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website marketing

An effective marketing strategy is the backbone of any business that intends to make good use of digital marketing. Here is an example of a marketing strategy that is likely to yield results:

  1. Create a website that is user-friendly and includes sales pages

Identify which areas need to be improved in order to optimize the general website experience. You may begin handling technical SEO and move to on-page then finally off-page SEO. All these components are essential in making your website look credible in the eyes of search engines and your visitors.

  1. Come up with a content marketing plan that includes:
  • The type of audience you will love to reach out to with your products or services.
  • When to publish
  • Methods of promoting your content
  1. Create an emailing list to help you interact with your visitors on a regular basis. The main purpose of the email is to have visitors sign up for your newsletters.
  2. Make use of two social media platforms where your target audience spends most of their time. Stay active on these platforms by sharing content and interacting with your audience.
  3. You may choose to set up pay- per click campaign depending on your budget. You can also develop a mobile application where people download your latest content.

Understanding  SEO

Search engine optimization refers to all the necessary elements that make a website search engine and user-friendly. A search engine crawls your website to look into the following factors before it finally ranks  the site:

User Experience: Your website should optimize your user experience; it should be made fast and easy to navigate with proper call to action buttons. Your visitors should know where to find all that they need the moment they land on your website.

Links: The search engines also look at the source of your backlinks. Backlinks from authority site may give your website a boost on search engines as your website is assumed to be credible.

Content: The main aim of creating content should be to solve your audience needs and inform them. A crawler is able to determine the quality of your content and send signals to the search engines that your website is of value.

Having knowledge of how SEO works can help you better your digital campaigns in order to reach a larger audience. Alternatively, you may hire an SEO expert to help you do the work in order to boost your conversions.

  • SEO is budget-friendly since it gives you have the power to target a specific audience in the market. You are likely to increase conversions with a more defined audience profile.
  • Search engine optimization enables you to thoroughly track and evaluate your results. This allows you to have an insight into how your digital marketing efforts are coming along.
  • SEO makes it possible for you to have your website rank high on SERP thus increasing your overall visibility and conversion. Additionally, your customers are able to identify your brand with the keywords that you rank for and this increases your ROI significantly.

SEM Meaning

Search Engine Marketing is a type of digital marketing that works by boosting websites ranking on search engine result page (SERP). The main activities of SEM are advertising and use SEO optimization.

Paid search advertising prompts you to purchase advertising space in the search engines. This means that your website will rank higher using SEM efforts. You will then pay for each click on your website. Google Adwords is the most successful form of pay per click advertising.

Is SEM necessary? SEM targets traffic and sends it to your website, with the aim of helping them find a solution to their queries. Your visitors are also likely to convert because of the trust they accord higher rankings.

Difference Between SEM and SEO

SEO can be used also be used to describe SEM. SEM is aimed at getting traffic through ads while SEO acquires, monitors and analyses traffic patterns of a website. However, both SEO and SEM depend on keywords to send traffic to websites.

SEO gives you free traffic (organic) while SEM sends you paid traffic (through ads that you have to pay for.) We believe that if your on-page SEO is done well, SEM has higher chances of succeeding. In simple terms, SEO lays a foundation for SEM.

New websites can take advantage of Pay per Click campaigns as they implement a solid SEO strategy. Both SEO and SEM are prone to change anytime the search engines change their algorithms. One sure bet is that most search engines are aiming to boost the ranking of user-friendly websites. With digital marketing, you may not face challenges in creating audience-targeted campaigns.


The relationship between SEO and digital marketing is solid.   Both of these entities provide valuable information to the user and are aimed at improving the search rankings of a business. Optimising the two will help you take your business to the next level.

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