Why Dashboards?

Maybe it’s more a case of why should I care about dashboards?

Well time is against us from the moment we start any project and to know the facts to make informed decisions and react to changes in ‘real-time’ is not a luxury, but a requirement. So yes, dashboards are important because they condense vast quantities of information into digestible ‘nuggets’ of data that tell me exactly what I want to know and how to make informed decisions.

How’s it benefit me?

Imagine in your business if you could extract specific information into a dashboard, print out a report and be ‘armed’ in your next sales meeting with real data that helps make ‘real’ decisions.

How many sales did we make this month? I wish to see the profitable and non-profitable elements of each sale made? Which area of my business is the most efficient? And so on …

Don’t imagine any longer. Dashboards do this and more.

Dashboards are everywhere. From Google dashboards for Analytics, Search Console, Data Studio and AdWords to the latest fitness App displayed via an Excel dashboard. They are simply a great way of visualising information and making data more engaging. Smart ways of digesting facts fast. Think of an interactive infographic and you’ve got it online.

What are Dashboards good for?

So what is a dashboard?

My definition: – ‘they are a tool for accumulating and correlating vast quantities of data and presenting it in a visual form to meet specific objectives. Thereby showing trends and summaries which allows for more targeting of the relevant data.’

How do I get started?

Where do I start I hear you say? Simple.

Write down on a piece of paper 5 things you wish you know about your business.

For example:

How many sales did you do this month?

What was the most profitable element undertaken in the last job you did?

What is the ratio of work done completed to resources used?

How much budget has been spent so far in relation to work undertaken?

What percentage of tasks assigned to crew A were achieved in a specific period?

And what percentage is left by crew B to complete by a set deadline?

What time do I make most of my sales online?

Breakdown elements of my target demographics?

What was the most successful campaign we ran this year?

And so on …

Now all you need to do is decide on the most pertinent questions and the data that supports each element of them. Correlate this data together in a spreadsheet and link to a dashboard and there you have it. Real results based on real data.

Google dashboard

I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to exploring the benefits and features of dashboards and how they really can aid your life. No boring stuff just what you need to know and how to use it. Simple and effective.

I’ll bet you’ll soon be thinking my business could benefit from this. A simple dashboard answering those ‘nagging’ questions in the back of your mind. Well, let’s discover the benefits together ….

Want to know more about dashboards?

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