Screaming frog SEO spider which you can download and install. Crawls websites for common SEO issues. Free tool for up to 500 URLs or if you wish to crawl more there is a single one-payment annually for £149 which allows for advanced configurations, saving crawls and custom exports.

Broken Links

Finding broken links within your website is essential to ensure clicks lead to where they are meant to. Ultimately, not addressing this will contribute to power rankings.

In order to find the broken links click on the tab ‘Response Codes’ and then filter to ‘Client Error (4xx)’ or view in the right-hand window pane and scroll down to the response codes section and click Client Error (4xx) there. Clicking this will highlight the relevent URLs.

broken links with screaming frog

To view the page that links out to this broken link select the chosen URL and the ‘inlinks’ tabs at the bottom of the page. This will show the offending URL.

To view the page from which the link is referred, click under the ‘inlinks tab > From’ and right-click to select ‘open from in browser’.

To view the broken link, repeat as above except right-click on ‘Open to In Browser’.

broken links with screaming frog

You can export these via ‘Bulk Export > Response codes > client error 404s’

To check a list of URLs for any 404s, simply click on ‘Mode > List’ then click on the top menu ‘Upload’ and paste in a list of URLs to check.

Missing Alt Text

Finding missing alt text – click the ‘images’ tab to display just image URLs. Clicking on any URL will reveal its details below. Here click on the ‘Image Details’ tab to show the image and its alt text (if filled in).

To view missing alt text, click on the filters below the main tabs and select ‘Missing Alt Text’.

Clicking on ‘IMG Inlinks’ will show you the number of times an image is referenced across your website and therefore provide some form of prioritising. Especially if you have thousands of images.

Please note: images can have many URLs referencing them, so they therefore can have multiple alt text too. So please be aware of seeing different alt text in the image details below.

Can export two ways. First is with the main Export button but this will not export the source data. The second method is to go to Bulk Export > Images > Images Missing Alt Text Inlinks and this will export both the image URLs and their source data which will contain more references to what each image is linked to.

Please note: not all images may be pulled into the crawl, this is due to the images being served by Javascript or CSS, or they might be blocked by the Robots.txt file. To ensure you glean these, come to Configuration > Spider > Rendering > choose Javascript and press ok.