Brand Positioning

A brand positioning statement is a document that helps a business understand its target market and how it wants the target market to perceive its brand. The business should write this statement before starting to market its products or services.

Other material on branding can be found within the Brand building and Why and how do we track brand performance topic guides.

Download the Brand positioning template.

Brand Strategy

Having a brand strategy is important for a company. It helps them figure out where they are going and what they want to do. They need to make a statement about their brand before creating an identity for it and marketing their products or services.

Download the Brand strategy template.

Also see the Creating a Brand Strategy practical guide.

Content Marketing Planning

This will help you think about what you want to achieve with your content marketing, who your target customers are, what content is needed for each group, who will create the content and how it will be published.

Download the Content Marketing Planning template.

Creative Brief

A creative brief is a document that tells the people who will make the thing you want (a project) about the thing you want. You should give them as much information as possible to help them make what you want.

Also see the Agency Selection and Agency Selection: the shortlist and writing the brief topic guides.

Download the Creative brief template.

Digital Marketing Plan

In order to make sure that digital campaigns are successful, it is important to have a plan for them. This plan should be based on wider strategic objectives and provide direction for each individual campaign. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the necessary resources are allocated and that everyone involved in creating digital assets understands the wider plans and knows what is expected of them.

A digital marketing plan can help a marketing department and others within an organisation focus on their goals. Planning is very important for the successful planning, implementing, and managing of activities. This is also true for digital marketing.

Download the Digital Marketing Plan template.

GAP Analysis


Download the GAP Analysis template.

Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is a periodic review of a business’s marketing strategy. This review can help identify if the existing strategy needs to change and where the business should go in the future. It is a useful tool that can help businesses increase the return on their marketing budget if successful changes are made.

Download the Marketing Audit template.

Marketing Metrics

Marketing should be measured in order to determine what has worked and what hasn’t. This helps organizations understand the value of marketing activities. Measurement should be done at all stages of marketing so that decisions can be made based on past, current, and potential performance.

Download the Marketing Metrics template.

Marketing Plan

This is a marketing plan. It will help you put your marketing strategy into practice. This plan explains how you will put your marketing strategy into practice. Having a marketing plan means you have specific goals, a target audience, and a message that will help you be successful.

Other material on marketing research can be found within the Researching customers and Segmentation topic guides.

Other material on marketing planning can be found in the following topic guides: Planning Marketing Activities – Gantt Chartsthe Ansoff MatrixSOSTAC®the Boston Consultancy Group Matrixthe importance of planning; and the strategic marketing plan. Also see the Building a Marketing Plan practical guide.

Download the Marketing plan template.

Marketing Research Proposal

This is a research proposal that can be used for both internal and external purposes. Having a clear set of objectives for your research will help you get the most useful insights. Thinking about your target audience and research methods will help you conduct your research in a more efficient manner.

Other material on marketing research can be found within the Researching customers and Segmentation topic guides.

Download the Market research proposal template.

PESTEL Analysis

A PESTEL analysis is a tool used to analyse the external marketing environment, factors that have an impact on a business. The results of PESTEL analysis can be used to identify threats and weaknesses which can then be used in a SWOT analysis.

Other material on PESTEL can be found within the Environmental Analysis Checklist.

Download the TOWS analysis template.

Social Media Planning

This is a social media planning tool that will help you think about your goals for social media, your target audience, and their current behavior, what barriers are stopping them from behaving the way you want them to, and how you will go about changing that behavior.

Download the Social Media Planning template.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a way for businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as any external threats and opportunities. By doing this, the business can see what they need to work on and what they should focus on in order to be successful. Additionally, marketers can use the information from a SWOT analysis to create unique selling propositions that will help them sell their products or service.

Download the SWOT analysis template.

TOWS Analysis

TOWS analysis is a way of figuring out what marketing objectives to set. It uses the information from a SWOT analysis, which looks at external and internal factors. This helps organizations develop options, processes, campaigns and objectives.

Download the TOWS analysis template.