How do you track your time?

Toggl is a time tracking software that integrates with many platforms including Google Sheets, Slack, Zapier and more. We’ll show you how to get started using this tool in your business or personal life so you know exactly where all of your time goes day-to-day.

This way whether it’s for work or self-care purposes, you can allocate the right amount of time necessary to each task at hand. Have you used Toggl yet? Sign up today! Sign up here.

You’re at work, but are you doing your job and working?

When we’re at work, we’re assaulted with so many distractions and interruptions that it’s difficult to keep track of how much time we’re actually working. And if you don’t measure it, you won’t have a benchmark against which to develop.

Do you want to finish your work quickly so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy?

I’ll show you how to keep track of your time so you can see where it all goes. You can use this data to eliminate time-consuming low-impact jobs and devote more time to high-impact tasks.

Why you should track your time

According to recent UK data, the average office worker works less than 3 hours every day. Even if you work for yourself, you’re probably not as productive as you believe. I certainly wasn’t.

To be able to optimise how you use your time, you must keep track of it. You’ll be shocked at how much time you waste on insignificant chores and how little time you devote to the most important ones.

You can make huge gains if you know where your time is spent. You might decide to outsource or automate mundane jobs like data entry, for example, if you find you’re spending too much time on them.

Tacking time also reveals how easily you can become distracted. You have the option to adjust your schedule if you are at the office for 8 hours but only do 4.5 hours of project work. We can’t change without awareness.

Billable hours are quite important to those of us who are self-employed. However, we must also perform a significant amount of non-billable work, such as general administration. Time trackers show how much billable work we’re doing and which projects we’re working on. You may also use time trackers in conjunction with invoicing software to automate the billing process and save even more time.

“Our greatest currency is our time and we cannot save it. Spend it wisely and never waste another’s or your own.”

Kyle Barger

Learn how to track your time

There are a plethora of time trackers available on Google Play; the difficult part is deciding which one is right for you. I’m going to concentrate on Toggl, a tracker that I’ve been using for a long time. Both Android and iOS versions of Toggl are available.

Toggl is easy to use and syncs in real-time across various devices. All you have to do now is hit the ‘start button and name your session. After that, you classify my project and client.

When I’m writing my blog, I might name the session after the article; the project will be writing or editing, depending on where I’m at in the process; and the customer will be “blog.” As you can see, it may be used to track both your own work and paying customers.

Toggl provides a number of descriptive data and reports that can help you figure out where all of your valuable time is going. The weekly summary is shown below.

Toggl Time Tracking Application

Give it a go

Why don’t you give it a shot? Now is the time to log into Toggl or another tracker and see what you think. To get the best results, use the tracker for a week and see what you can learn.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin

A Better Way to Track Time: Toggl

It’s a simple web-based (and app-based) time tracker. When you start working on a task, you simply click a button, and when you finish, you simply click another one. You get reports on how you spend your time over time.

The graphic reports make keeping track of your time utilisation a breeze. See how long each task takes, how many hours your team spends on various projects and clients, and who is working on what right now.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you track your time and produce reports on how you spend it, then Toggl is one to consider. With this software, tracking your time has never been easier—you just need to log in with the browser extension or mobile app and start working!

The interface will automatically break down all of your tasks into categories so you know where every minute went at the end of each day.

You’ll also have access to an easy-to-read report summarizing everything from total hours worked by project type broken down by weekdays versus weekends, the average number of tasks completed per hour during different times of the year, productivity levels over various lengths of days.

It’s simple enough for any level of competency to get set up and more importantly benefit from.

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