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Growing a brand organically relies on quality data

Unlocking the Secrets of Organic Growth

Definition of organic growth Organic growth, also known as internal growth, refers to the increase in a company’s revenue and profitability that is achieved through its own operations and without relying on external factors such as mergers, acquisitions, or investments. It is a natural and sustainable way for a business to expand and develop over…

Driving marketing decision through data insights

Driving Marketing Value Through Insight

Definition of marketing value Marketing value refers to the worth or significance that a marketing effort or strategy brings to a business or organization. It is the measurement of the impact and effectiveness of marketing activities in achieving business objectives and generating positive outcomes. The definition of marketing value can vary depending on the specific…

Understanding amplification marketing to extend your reach to new audiences
Content Marketing

What Is Amplification Marketing?

Do you find yourself creating fantastic content but lack people to see it? Well, that’s the story among many businesses that lack proper content amplification marketing strategies. Fortunately for you, this article will highlight the important aspects of content amplification and how to do it right. But first… Amplification meaning Amplification is a marketing term…

How Effective Is PPC With Google AdWords
Search Engine Marketing Marketing PPC Advertising

How Effective Is PPC With Google AdWords?

There are several types of digital marketing and it’s normal for small businesses to be overwhelmed about where to dip their marketing money into for a good return on investment. Well, marketing your business using Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and optimize conversions. Even though, vast…

What Does CRO Mean In Marketing? - Insight before Action
Marketing Conversion Rate Optimisation Lead Generation

What is CRO Marketing?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is an important part of marketing that businesses can’t afford to ignore. CRO marketing is one of the many vital activities that are able to capture the customers’ attention and lead them to your desired goal. Your conversion rate is a reflection of how your visitors are interacting with your business. To…

What Is The Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing
Marketing SEO

What Is The Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing?

SEO and digital marketing complement each other big time.  Integrating SEO in digital marketing is a new trend that is here to stay. Read to understand the difference between the two and how they work together to boost website ranking and increase conversions. What is the Difference Between SEO and Digital Media? SEO and digital…

Whats involved in digital marketing - Insight before Action
Marketing Content Email Marketing PPC Advertising Search Engine Marketing Social Media

What’s Involved In Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the heart of so many businesses these days. Most people are spending their time online and marketers are taking advantage of this fact. Online purchases have also increased in the past few years leading to a major revolution in the marketing world. There are several types of digital marketing as you will…

Different types of business networking | Swansea Digital Marketing meetup
Marketing Networking

What are the different Types of Business Networking?

Let’s get real; most people get jobs and businesses where they have a connection. Business networking, therefore, makes a great difference. Business networking is the art of establishing beneficial relationships with clients and other people so that you are able to realise, develop and take action on available opportunities. Networking is not easy as it…