Social Media for a Business Level 3

For those who work in a small to medium business or run their own business, this is an introduction to social media marketing and its underlying concepts.

Social Media for a Business Level 3

This qualification aims to provide you with the opportunity to develop skills and understanding to work in a marketing, communications or social media role.

The training also teaches you how to use social media to improve your business chances and client reach.

The knowledge and abilities acquired will enable you to function as a skilled and knowledgeable social media expert. You will learn the fundamentals of using social media in business, as well as website management, search engine marketing, keywords and optimisation, social networking management, use of imaging tools, and collaborative technologies, to improve and optimise your web content.

You will gain a broad understanding of the importance and potency of social media and digital marketing in today’s world.

Unit 202 - Imaging software

Unit 202 – Imaging Software

Become familiar with using imaging software in order to manipulate and enhance images for better use within your social media and digital marketing campaigns.
Unit 203 - Video software

Unit 203 – Video Software

Become familiar with the use of video software in order to create and manipulate video recordings for your campaigns.
Unit 205 - Website software

Unit 205 – Website Software

Explore the use of software applications designed for planning, designing, and building websites. From planning to publishing multiple web pages.
Unit 206 - Web fundamentals

Unit 206 – Web Fundamentals

Develop a better understanding of website architecture and it along with various technologies can improve your website’s functionality.
Unit 311 - Website software

Unit 311 – Website Software

Plan and develop the structure of a website, all the way through to populating it with content and publishing it on the world wide web.
Unit 319 - Web development

Unit 319 – Web Development

Acquire a better understanding of web architecture, components, and technologies in order to create and deploy a website.