Digital Marketing Level 4

For those who work in a small to medium business or run their own business, this is an introduction to social media marketing and its underlying concepts.

This qualification is aimed at learners entering the Social Media and Digital Marketing sector as well as those already working in these areas who are looking to renew their skills with formal training.

Digital marketing and social media for business refer to the use of digital media, such as online advertising, email marketing, social media campaigning, and search engine optimization, to draw in and interact with current and potential customers. The detailed study of what has worked is made possible by the extensive data gathered, which calls for analytical and creative abilities above and above what is required for a conventional marketing and advertising.

Unit 311 - Website software

Unit 311 – Website Software

Plan and develop the structure of a website, all the way through to populating it with content and publishing it on the world wide web.
Unit 336 – Gamification

Unit 336 – Gamification

Discover emerging technologies within digital marketing such as Gamification and its increasing use within online applications.
Unit 202 - Imaging software

Unit 340 – Imaging Software

Learn how to use software applications designed to create, modify, and layout images for display in print or on a screen
Unit 341 Video software

Unit 341 – Video Software

Become familiar with the use of video software in order to create and manipulate video recordings for your campaigns.
Unit 401 - Marketing Planning

Unit 401 – Marketing Planning

When working with digital marketing, or more traditional methods, the fundamental principles of marketing will be applied starting with marketing planning.
Unit 407 - Content Marketing

Unit 407 – Content Marketing

Develop best practice skills and knowledge to help evaluate a range of content marketing methods and technologies and plan, implement, manage and evaluate a campaign.
Unit 410 - Search Engine Marketing

Unit 410 – Search Engine Marketing

Understand how Search engine marketing (e.g. pay per click) is an extremely important channel for e-commerce companies, providing a large percentage of website traffic for a business.
Unit 411 - email marketing

Unit 411 – Email Marketing

Develop an understanding of the best industry practices required and be able to explain and demonstrate a range of organisational, marketing and technical concepts and factors.