There are several types of digital marketing and it’s normal for small businesses to be overwhelmed about where to dip their marketing money into for a good return on investment. Well, marketing your business using Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and optimize conversions.

Even though, vast knowledge on how Google AdWords works is crucial in ensuring that you don’t make mistakes that can cost you your business.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a Google-owned advertising platform. It is the most common and largest advertising networks where millions of businesses advertise their products and services. Businesses that use Google AdWords mainly target audience on the search and display network.

In the search network, advertisers bid on keywords relating to their businesses and get a chance to display their businesses to any user who uses the same keywords in the google search bar. This is also called pay per click advertising.  On the other hand, the display network deals with banner advertisements.  Visual banners are placed on relevant websites that are part of the network itself.

How  PPC Works

With PPC the business owner pays only when a visitor clicks and visits their website. The advertisements are usually placed on the search engine result page or on other websites related to your targeted keywords.

The amount of money PPC costs you depends on the amount you are willing to bid for the specific keywords. Also, Google gives priority to those who bid severally earning a higher score. It simply means that the more you bid the better your chances of having the ad placed higher on search engine page result (SERP).

How Effective is Google Is PPC with Google AdWords?

Google AdWords helps you track your performance by looking at which keywords are leading to conversions and which ones are not. This information will enable you to create better content and work on your on-page SEO.

  • Good AdWords is a great way to get exposure to your business on Google. Remember that Google AdWords is an excellent tool that can also be used as an advertising template.

PPC with Google AdWords makes it possible for you to test content and integration of messages and words. There are several design tests to determine if there is an increase in the relevancy of the keywords to the ad copy to your landing pages.

The Google AdWords account comes with great features for managing the campaigns. The program also includes tutorials that easy to follow. You will easily implement and manage online advertising for your business effortlessly.

This PPC program allows you to daypart your campaigns. Departing is a word used to mean ad scheduling. This allows you to be specific when you want your advertisement to appear to your potential customers.  By doing this, you able to reach as many customers as possible. hence increases your conversion rate.

A  Google AdWords technique called geotargeting helps you prioritize your campaigns to specific geographical areas where most of your potential customers are coming from. This way you are able to increase your conversions as much as you can.

With Google AdWords, you are able to target your customers on different devices. You may set a budget to target the customers on mobile phones if that’s what the larger number of your audience is using to access the internet.

Your Google AdWords Budget

How much does a business spend on PPC? Each campaign you initiate on google ads has its setting tab in your account.  This tab enables you to control some parameters of all your campaigns independently. You will then have to set a daily budget for each campaign you start. You may run all the campaign at the same time if your budget allows.  You can give some campaigns a priority when you are working on a limited budget.

It is advisable to allocate a larger budget to campaigns that are more important to you. Look at which campaign has more conversions and give it a priority. You can, in the end, compare your monthly budget by summing up the total amount allocated for each campaign in the particular months.

PPC with Google allows you to allocate more budget to some specific areas where most of your audience live or a certain time during the day when more potential customers are online.

This trick helps you give a priority to your campaigns to searches coming from a certain area.

For a successful PPC strategy, you will be needed to log into your account each day so as to set your daily ads budget. This the only way you can know how your money is being spent and which ads are not increasing your conversions as desired.

Other Costs Involved in PPC

Here is what you might  also spend on depending on  the nature of your business:

PPC Management Software

Google offers you control over your account. However, some features of this account can be intimidating to new businesses. For this reason, you may opt to make use of PPC management software. This software will not only save you time but also a headache.

There are several excellent management tools that are either purchased or licensed The trick is to find one that works perfectly for you.

Agency Fee

Most startups hire an agent to handle their PPC campaigns. This is not a bad move when you have a lot on your hands. After all, it saves you time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.  Some agents especially those with several years of experience are likely to give credible advice on sensitive matters such as a budget.

Understand that some agents will guarantee you increased conversions while others won’t say a word. Whichever the case, what you need to understand is that the agent fee starts from 10% of your total campaign budget.   You will have to pay your agent on the agreed terms even if the clicks don’t yield desired results.

Last Words

An effective PPC strategy can generate the results that you deserve and desire. Remember that Google AdWords is being used worldwide to generate incredible results for both small and big businesses. It is effective and you have to make it work for your business. A proper approach is all you need.

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