Lead generation is important in making your online business a success. Having a well thought out lead generation strategy to generate leads will help you reach out to more people and in return make sales.   It doesn’t matter where you are in your digital marketing journey, we listed some of the most effective lead generation strategies to help you take your business to the next level.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is an individual who has shown an interest in your services or products. Lead generation, on the other hand, is the process of persuading and attracting the users into an individual who has an interest in your services or products.

A sales lead is a person that is a potential buyer of your service or product. That being said, here are the best lead generation strategies:

1. Content

Create content that readers engage with. The best ways to target a larger audience is by use of long-tail keywords.  Any content of value to the user is likely to generate leads.

Remember that your user is likely to click on your call to action buttons when they are pleased with the information you are offering on your website. Include infographics and videos in your content to increase user engagement.

2. Optimise your key pages

Each page of your website serves a purpose. Your pages, therefore, should have a persuasive call to action (CTA) button.  The headline, paragraphs and infographics or images should be compelling enough to generate a lead.

  • Let your pages present a problem and offer a solution so that your visitors find it easy to click on that button.

Another way of optimising your pages is to carry out a split A/B test. The A/B test enables you to test every section of your page from headline to colour so as to see what works and what doesn’t. There are tools out there that can make the A/B testing less overwhelming

3. Email

Email helps you reach the audience that already knows of your services or products. It is simpler to ask your email subscribers to take action. Here are the features of an  email that is likely to generate a lead:

  • Your email subject line should be appealing to make the user read your content. Let your title address the problem that your audience is facing
  • Make your email as straightforward and engaging as possible.
  • Always integrate your social media buttons in your emails to enable readers to get redirects to your social media pages.
  • Add images in your email content so as to grab the attention of the reader
  • Use powerful call to action buttons. Make sure your CTA is placed almost at the top of your email to increase the chances of generating a lead.
  • Finally, add your signature to your email. Embed a link that directs the users back to your website. This simple act will increase your web traffic significantly.

4. Social Media

Social media is a powerful platform for lead generation. It makes it easier for one to guide prospects to take action. The easiest way to generate leads on social media is to include your links in your social posts. You can begin your lead generation on LinkedIn and Facebook. These two social media platforms are business-centred. They both make it easy for bloggers to publish posts.

Twitter, through Followerwonk, helps you fetch useful information about your followers so that you are able to strategize how to reach them through your content.  Use hashtags to enable your audience to locate your content easily.

 5. Direct Engagement

Your users are likely to make an action when you directly engage with them. How do you do this? The in-direct engagement technique such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) helps clients build trust with your brand thus increasing leads.

You can also engage with your audience directly by use of live chats and support centres. An engaged customer is a happy customer.

6. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is creating content for another website so as to link back to your content. Guest blogging is among the best lead generation strategies because:

  • You blog for a website that is authoritative in the particular niche
  • You earn social proof by actively promoting the post
  • You get a chance to send people back to your desired page
  • Your post is unique and reaches a larger audience.

Email owners of the websites that you will love to guest post in. You may get some guidelines to help you start out smoothly.

7. Employ Digital Market Automation

As you may have seen, there is so much that needs to be done to generate a lead.  Fortunately, you can automate some of the tasks such as email marketing and A/B testing. By doing this, you will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on your computer.

Digital automation allows you to spend your precious time on tasks that can’t be automated.

8. Build Relationships

Building trust with your audience will take time but it is worth every struggle. How do you build trust with your leads? Start by responding to their comments on your website, on email or on any other platform that they use to reach you.

Your lead will take action when they know that you value them. You can invite them for a workshop or offer free products so that they have reasons to read your content.

9. Offer a Product for Free

Who doesn’t like free things? well, not me. You do not have to create something complex, a simple tool such as a template will help drive leads like crazy.

Everyone is out there looking for a shortcut to get things done, offer a tool that helps your audience make life easier. Most importantly add a powerful CTA and include an offer to the free tool.

10. Be Active on Forums

Millions of people hang out on forums such as Quora and Reddit.  Part of your audience hangs out on these forums too, but how do you reach them? Answer your audiences’ questions in these forums and give them a reason to look into your profile and link back to your website

11. Blog Commenting

The simple art of blog commenting will help you build your social profile which is one way of generating leads. Be helpful with your comments and showcase your expertise.

12.  Host Influencers

Interviewing influencers that your audience admires can help you generate leads fast. You need to keep your questions simple and accurate and finally, request them to share the end product. Your audience is likely to trust you more with your brand.


Generating leads can be a daunting task. You need proper lead generation strategies to have it easy. You will find challenges along the way. Remember, using the right tools is one way of making lead generation easier.  We hope that this article helped you gain an insight into how to best generate leads for your business.

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