How do bloggers make money? And more importantly, how do bloggers get paid? You can begin blogging for money after making a good presence online.   Making money blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. However, what I know is that you can earn more than enough to live a comfortable life.  There are several ways you can earn as a blogger. This article breaks down each method so that you fully understand how to get paid from your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the blogger approaches a brand or a company and promotes their services or products on their blog. You are given a unique URL to the brand’s website so that when a visitor clicks the link and buys from the company, you receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing gives you full control over what products to sell on your website. This way you are able to recommend a brand or product that you approve of.  Here are some affiliate marketing programs that will pay you for making sales:

  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Flex offers
  • Clickbank
  • E- junkie
  • eBay
  • Linkshare

Note that the commission is not standard across all programs.

2. Sell Digital Products

You may choose to create your own products when you do not want to sell other people’s products. Do not assume that this strategy will work without listening to what your readers want. It is important to examine the needs of your readers and then develop a digital product that will solve their issues.

Digital products that can make you money as a blogger include:

  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Themes
  • Apps

3. Pay Per Click Ads

Earning from pay per click ads is simple. Each time your visitor clicks on the ads on your website, you earn money. Google Adsense is the most common ads program out there. Each click will earn depending on the ads program you use. Here are some ads program you can make money from

  • Chitika
  • Kontera
  • Shopsense
  • Bidvertise

4. CPM Advertising Networks

CPM advertising networks give you a commission depending on the number of visitors you receive and the exposure the brands receive. These programs do need the users to click on link or banner, money gets into your bank account by just displaying ads on your website.  Most of these programs will pay you per  1000 page views. Here are some programs  that can make you money :

  • Burst Media
  • Adclick media
  • Adify
  • Adbrite
  • Tribal fusion
  • ValueClick

5. Job Boards

How do bloggers make money from job boards?  Bloggers advertise or list jobs on their websites and earn an income as readers click and use their job board to apply for jobs that are listed on different platforms. A blogger may also choose to sell their own job advertisement. Some of the leading job boards include:

  • Job thread
  • Web scribe job board

6. Private Ads

Selling private ads is lucrative. Some brands may approach you to place their advertisements on your websites. You may also look for ads from brands yourself. This is one of the best ways a blogger can earn money online since you are able to set the rates yourself.

  • Selling ads can be in the form of links, banners or buttons. Your advertisers may also buy a spot from your website.

How you make money selling private ads varies. Most bloggers charge monthly when displaying banners on their sites while others charge a one-time fee.

7. Sponsored Posts

With sponsored posts, the company pays you to create content about their products or services. Sponsored posts will look just your typical posts only that you have to disclose they are sponsored.

Most brands work with bloggers to get a word out there about their services and products. The company pays depending on the rates that you agree upon.  You can make money  by sponsoring any of the following on your blog:

  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts

Remember that every campaign is different, it all depends on the needs of the brand you are working with. Most common platforms where you can get sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Activate
  • Weave made
  • Pollinate
  • Izea
  • Massive Sway

8. Sell Memberships

Another simple way to make money blogging is by selling membership, You may charge monthly for visitors to gain access to a job board. You can also opt to sell membership to your users to gain access to where they can get answers to their problems.

9. Podcasts

Podcasting is simply speaking before a live audience. So how do you make money from podcasts? Here is the deal; you can easily convert your blog posts into talks. Making a podcast is as easy as creating a speaking page on your website and get event planners to reach out to you. You then have to have a guide or framework for the talk.

  • A live audience is one way you can market your blog products or services and make money.

10. Workshops

There is a good number of your audience that will love to meet you and listen to you. Can you make money from this? Yes, you can. You can always hold events that your audiences pay a fee to learn from you in person.  Workshops will also open other opportunities and give you a good chance to interact with people.

 11. Sell Your Own Products

A blog is a great platform for selling your products and services. You can offer coaching or writing services or any service from a field that you are an expert in. A blogger can also make money by selling a product of their own such as an ebook.

 12. Coaching, Service Selling and Consulting

Offering a solution to peoples problems is another way of blogging for money. Some brands, people or companies want to get someone to do their work for them. You can be of help to your audience at a fee.

  • Your content acts as a good showcase for your expertise in your niche. This way your clients are able to trust you and offer you work.

Offering services to your audience will help you become a better writer in your niche. Your clients will also share your blog with their communities online and help you reach a wider audience. Additionally, it helps you create long-lasting relationships.

 How will you get the money you earn as a blogger?

Different companies pay using different methods. The most common methods include:

  • Paypal
  • Mail check
  • Payoneer

You also have to understand that most brands will pay after a month while others will take up to 60 days. It will all depend on the terms of payments for each company.

Can we now get down to making money, please?

Can we now stop blogging for fun and start blogging for money?  A monetization strategy is important.  Have your money-making plan ready and get paid for what you love doing. I hope this article helped you understand how bloggers make money.

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