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Best Techniques for Data-Drive Storytelling
Data Storytelling Content

Best Data-Driven Storytelling Techniques

Many business intelligence decisions and activities are based on data. Data will help you tell a convincing story that supports your stance and shows the importance of your goods or services. Whether you’re engaging with an internal team or a customer the use of crafted storytelling techniques will resonate within your content and engage your…

Understanding amplification marketing to extend your reach to new audiences
Content Marketing

What Is Amplification Marketing?

Do you find yourself creating fantastic content but lack people to see it? Well, that’s the story among many businesses that lack proper content amplification marketing strategies. Fortunately for you, this article will highlight the important aspects of content amplification and how to do it right. But first… Amplification meaning Amplification is a marketing term…

How Do Bloggers get Paid - Insight before Action
Content Blogging

How Do Bloggers get Paid?

How do bloggers make money? And more importantly, how do bloggers get paid? You can begin blogging for money after making a good presence online.   Making money blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. However, what I know is that you can earn more than enough to live a comfortable life.  There are several…

Whats involved in digital marketing - Insight before Action
Marketing Content Email Marketing PPC Advertising Search Engine Marketing Social Media

What’s Involved In Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the heart of so many businesses these days. Most people are spending their time online and marketers are taking advantage of this fact. Online purchases have also increased in the past few years leading to a major revolution in the marketing world. There are several types of digital marketing as you will…

Optimise a Blog | Swansea Digital Marketing meetup
Content On-Page Optimisation

How to Optimise a Blog

How to Optimise a Blog Basics 101. You put the effort in, optimise a blog and Google rewards you. Our Step-by-Step approach to optimise a blog begins with a quick overview of our all-important top ten checklists. So, what’s the best way to build relevant and engaging content (see my beginners guide to Content Writing)….