Keywords for SEO

Keywords for SEO

The Only eBook with Actionable Knowledge Bombs to Help You Rank on Google.

*Available as an eBook and in Paperback.

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Six chapters (and sub-chapters) that will provide you with a concrete understanding of what keywords are and how they work.


10+ different free and freemium tools you can use to perform stellar keyword research.


Learn how to implement keywords across your content with practical examples that are easy to follow.


Critically analyse your (positive/negative) progression and learn how to make it significantly better.

Author spotlight

Andy Woolley has become a recognised leader in his field of Digital Marketing for over 20 years. Catering to international clients of all sizes and creating digital courses for numerous educational establishments. With hundreds of projects completed and a wealth of knowledge acquired, Andy is much sought after in turning projects into memorable projects.

Andy Woolley

Industry Leaders
Combined Years of Experience

Two industry leaders within their respective professional disciples with over 30 years experience. Both Itamar Blauer and Andy Woolley cater to the two heavyweights of brand development: SEO and Digital Marketing.

For the first time ever, you get a privileged view into what works successfully for them and their clients. Contained within 9 chapters covering over 20,000 words, you understand from a standing position the importance of keywords, as well as how to wield them effectively to your own brand, and more importantly, derive 100% value in changing your online presence forever.

Readers say

“I congratulate Itamar Blauer & Andy Woolley on a excellent learning tool for those who want to improve their SEO Skills.

For those who are learning the skills of SEO to promote their business in search, this book is essential, get a copy.”

Nigel T Packer

Customer Experience Trainer

“Amazing detail on how to create a more organised and more effective keyword campaign. This really helped gain a better understanding of what is the most core fundamental of SEO as a discipline.”

Steffan Rogers

Customer Experience Trainer

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